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Neave is a proud queer Filipino artist based in Los Angeles, California. They are currently attending California State University Northridge (BA 2022), specializing in background design and visual development using procreate and photoshop. Heavily inspired by animated films such as "The Cat Returns" (2002), "Spider Man: Into the Spiderverse" (2018), and Netflix's animation anthology "Love Death+ Robots" (2019), Neave aspires to create and collaborate with other creatives to develop exciting new stories. Their dream is to contribute their skills in visual development for animated films and shows that highlight LGBTQ+ and BIPOC experiences.

On their spare time, they love to play with their stinky chihuahua, attend anime conventions, and drink lots of matcha lattes.

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Ode to William "Bill" Asuro (1955-2020)

To dad, my very first art teacher: you'll make a cameo in one of my shows one day. Love you always.

- Neave

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